· F a c e U p s S e r v i c e :

All Sizes                         70 USD
Glued Piercings               0.25USD per stud
Scars/blood/bruise       varies, please inquire

*I will apply eyelashes for free but I cannot provide them.
*Please send doll heads clean and with a face shield.
*$8 fee for faceup removal


1. If you do not like my style, do not commission me ( I do not do fantasy/glittery faceups).
        *If you want a very specific style, such as certain number of eyelashes, specified areas you want blushed and unblushed, then I am not the faceup artist for you. I accept mockups and photo examples, but I will not copy them exactly and cannot guarantee that I will follow it detail by detail.
2. I am not liable for lost, stolen or damaged packages. Please insure your package and pack securely before shipment.
3. If unsatisfied, I will completely re-do the faceup only once free of charge. Additional modifications to the faceup will be charged after the first time. It is nearly impossible to change the faceup once it has been sealed, please fill out the form carefully!
No refunds.
5. Faceup service for resin dolls only (no animals, sorry.)

6. Payment due before I begin your order.

· M a t e r i a l s :

High Quality Soft Pastels, Liquitex Paints, Winsor&Newton Acrylic Paint thinner, Winsor&Newton Brush Cleaner (for cleaning), Shinepearl Powder, MSC UV Cut/Flat

· S h i p p i n g I n f o :

 I am located in the USA.
 Domestic Shipping costs paid by you (insurance is extra)
    → Priority Mail with delivery confirmation
    → EMS Only. Email me--I will give you a quote

*If you desire another method of shipping, please notify me.

· T u r n  A r o u nd  T i m e :

1~ 8 weeks.

· E x a m p l e s :

w o r k s page

When you are ready to order, please email the following order form to : @

· O r d e r F o r m :

1. Name of Owner:

2. Doll Mold/Male or Female:

3. Preferred make up style:

4. Doll wig colour:

5. Eyebrow shape (femme, masculine, inbetween, etc.):

6. Other descriptions (piercings, scars, freckles, etc):

7. Contact (Address, email, phone number etc):

8. Any questions or things you would like to be addressed:


Thank you.

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